12.12.2011 -

The European Biotechnology Network delivered the last of the 2011 'Biotechnology in application' series, at the University of Warwick. Excellent academic and industry research was presented in all aspects of agriculture, food production, energy and environment. The highest impact research was nominated by delegates and included anaerobic digestion in food processing to reduce waste and produce electricity as well as targeted new foods that create protective gene response.

12.10.2011 – A busy month for the Network saw the assistance of Members in over €18 million of Stage 1 FP7 proposals for the health deadline on October 5th. The aim is to get as many through to the Stage 2 deadline as possible and helping Members fund new partnerships in 2012. The Funding Hub was also in action at BioPartnering Europe in London, with workshops on building, funding and managing partnerships, where member partnerships were showcased as examples of making partnerships work for you.

28.09.2011 – The Biotechnology Funding Hub was in action at the EAPB Annual meeting ‘Science into Practice’ on September 28th, with an afternoon workshop on all research funding open to biotechnology SMEs in Europe, including FP7, National Institutes of Health, Innovative Medicines Initiative and Eurostars under scrutiny.

06.07.2011 – The Biotechnology Funding Hub delivered a busy 2 day Funding Hub Surgery, where Network members could seek phone/skype advice on project and consortium development for all European funding programmes. Topics covered the current FP7 calls, IMI, Eurostars and NIH opportunities and Members came from health, agbio, food and industrial biotechnology.

06.06.2011 – The European Biotechnology Network hosted ‘Biotechnology in application: Food and non-food, Agriculture and Environment’ in Barcelona.
The meeting brought together 50 commercial and academic researchers from across Europe to develop projects and consortia for the 2011 FP7 KBBE call from the European Commission and is the first in a series of three meetings to build and showcase partnerships in agricultural and environmental biotechnology.

25.05.2011 – The European Biotechnology Network partnered and chaired the meeting 'Risk Management in Life Science Companies' on May 4th in Brussels. The meeting looked at all the key risk management points in the life cycle of commercial biotechnology - essential learning for all young biotechs. May 23rd the Network delivered it's own workshop ‘EC and NIH Funding; Building Transatlantic Partnerships‘ also in Brussels. The agenda brought together speakers active in European and NIH funding, including Ruxandra Draghia-Akli, Director of the EC’s Health Directory and Ian Magrath, President International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research, Office of the Director NIH plus speakers from both industry and academia who are in US partnerships.

15.04.2011 – Universities West Midlands has been confirmed as a Network supporter in 2011. This not-for-profit association represents 13 universities and colleges in the West Midlands region of the UK, with strong biotechnology focus. The region includes Europe-leading universities such as Warwick and will host the December showcase ‘Biotechnology in application: Agriculture, food and environment’, closing our 2011 series of partnership-building workshops which includes Barcelona and Brussels in June and October.

30.03.2011 – The European Biotechnology Network welcomed biopartner.co.uk as a Funding Hub Partner in March. Biopartner.co.uk is a trade organisation for life sciences in the UK. The partnership enables all UK life science companies to access Network activities through a dedicated and expert UK portal.

18.02.2011 – The European Biotechnology Network supported the 4th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences. This year's topic was "Rare Diseases - Blockbusters in the Niche". Dr. Claire Skentelbery, Secretary General of the European Biotechnology Network, moderated the event in the impressive Spanish Embassy where some 100 world class experts from Europe and the United States discussed this challenging and increasingly significant business sector. A short video report about the conference is online at: http://www.biocom.de/events/movies/www.biocom.de/events/movies/

31.01.2011 – Officials from the European Biotechnology Network travelled to Kenya and South Africa, building partnerships between leading agbio organisations and European Biotechnology Network Members. Together with the International Agri-Technology Centre (IATC), the Network visited the African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum, Africa Harvest, CABI, the UN Industrial Development Organisation, National Council for Science and Technology Kenya, the Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, University of Nairobi, AfricaBio, Agroco Africa and the University of Stellenbosch. The Network and IATC will build African partners into the 2011 EC calls for the KBBE programme, supported by the Biotechnology Funding Hub.

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