25.11.2013 -

The last month has been a very busy one for the network as H2020 preparation really kicks off. Expect plenty of developing project opportunities from now onwards and don’t forget to upgrade your membership to be in the centre of project and proposal planning. EBN has also been working hard within its Erasmus project to create recommendations for evolving industry-oriented MSc courses across Europe.

29.09.2013 - EBN chaired the Berlin workshop of new Corporate Member IMEC, showcasing their platform technology in nanoelectronics and application into healthcare. Such technologies open the way for diagnostics and monitoring to be moved closer to the patient in a home or doctor's situation and could revolutionise how we manage our health and our illness.

23.08.2013 - The Innovative Medicines Initiative proposal submitted in July completed formal evaluation, with a face to face panel meeting in Brussels for the consortium leaders. Final approval and project preparation is anticipated by mid-September.

30.07.2013 - Following the successful application of a stage 1 IMI proposal, EBN worked with 40 research and SME partners across Europe plus members of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) to present a stage 2 proposal in July. The €80 million proposed project will run for 6 years, with the mission to develop novel anti-infective compounds to clinical trial stage.

28.06.2013 - EBN delivered funding hub workshops for Corporate Member Health Science Scotland in June. The Universities of Aberdeen and Glasgow reviewed the EU framework program for research and innovation “Horizon2020” and Europe's largest public-private initiative “Innovative Medicines Initiative” (IMI), with in depth analysis of project planning and development. With 1 to 1 meetings to kick start individual project ideas. This will be followed up by autumn workshops and project development with the member universities of Health Science Scotland.

22.05.2013 - May saw EBN active at the 20th European Congress on Obesity in Liverpool, as part of its service to Corporate Members, the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO). Over the 4 day conference, with over 1000 attendees from across the globe, EBN delivered workshops on planning and delivering collaborative research partnerships, supported by 1 to 1 meetings with researchers throughout the convention.

16.04.2013 - EBN was in action in Chicago for Bio 2013, having facilitated a panel discussion on synthetic biology chaired by our Corporate Member Life Technologies. The panel brought together University of Illinois, Monsanto and the SME Ginkgo BioWorks, and was standing room only, with over 80 attendees. This underpins a wider focus on synthetic biology through EBN webinars and an ERA-NET dedicated to the topic with deadline in August.

30.05.2013 – The European Biotechnology Network now is accredited in Belgium as an international non-profit network (AISBL, Association Internationale Sans But Lucratif). This month the network supported members into the latest Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) deadline.

25.02.2013 – A busy month for the Network, with a new office in central Brussels and coordination of an FP7 proposal. Dr. Claire Skentelbery, Secretary General of the European Biotechnology Network chaired the '6th Berlin conference on IP in Life Sciences'. More than 100 people had travelled to the Dutch Embassy in Berlin, to discuss the field of companion diagnostics, where the combination of precise testing systems with efficient treatments defines economic success.

21.01.2013 – The European Biotechnology Network has secured a panel session at the 2013 BIO Convention in Chicago. Network member Life Technologies will chair the panel session 'Innovation in Synthetic Biology Technologies for Biofuels, High-value Chemicals and Bio-based Products', with panellists Ginkgo Bioworks, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and Monsanto.

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