30.11.2014 -

The European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) and EBN have developed an enhanced membership

EBN will now work more closely with EASO members across Europe to build partnerships around innovation linked to obesity-related research. That brings significant partnership potential, as obesity is linked to almost all diseases and engages all aspects of research. IMI2 brings great potential for EASO member engagement, along with topics within H2020, such as ‘Tackling malnutrition in the elderly’.

30.9.2014 - EBN talks tomorrow’s innovation models at Nordic Life Science Days

EBN and EBE hosted a popular workshop at NLS Days in Stockholm. The session ‘The New Innovation Ecosystem’ brought together Magnus Björsne, Executive Director, AZ Innovation Centre, Kurt Hertogs, Head Platform Innovation & Incubator Strategy for Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Ole Jørgen Marvik, Sector Head, Health and Life Sciences, Innovation Norway, Florin Müller, Deputy Head of Innovation, State Secretariat of Education, Research and Innovation – SERI and Patric Källmam, Senior Partner and Strategic Advisor, Healthcare Market, Vasco Advisors.
The presentations and following discussion focussed on the changing nature of innovation support for maturing research both from universities and SMEs and how large pharma play an increasingly important role in helping support research at the earliest stage.

31.10.2014 - EBN members take the H2020 challenge in October

True to its mission of building partnerships, EBN was proud to support members in building diverse new partnerships for Stage 1 H2020 proposals in October. Members worked together to build more than 8 proposals from topics including rare diseases and regenerative medicine. 

31.07.2014 - University engagement in European collaborative research

EBN delivered a workshop at new Corporate Member, the University of Nottingham (UK) to engage researchers within the School of Pharmacy in Europe-wide collaborative and industry-driven research.
Nottingham's strong pharmacology base was targeted for inclusion in ongoing H2020 project development within EBN and will integrate their work in tissue engineering and surface technologies into healthcare applications from diagnostics to therapeutics.  
Full EBN slides from the day are available here which can assist other universities in understanding how they engage in more industry-active research.

23.06.2014 - EBN shines at BIO San Diego

June saw EBN travel to San Diego and the BIO Convention to showcase members and projects in order to drive global partner building. It was involved in 2 panel sessions, integrating funders and companies from both sides of the Atlantic. More

22.05.2014 - Bio-Networks partner up

The European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises and the European Biotechnology Network have launched a partnership with the aim to further the collaborative relationship between the two Brussels-based associations. More

18.03.2014 IMI project ENABLE launches open calls for gram negative programmes

The Innovative Medicines Initiative project ENABLE (European Gram-Negative Antibacterial Engine) has established an antibacterial drug discovery platform. More

12.02.2014 - €85 million European programme targets novel antibiotics

Over 30 European universities, research institutes and companies, led by GlaxoSmithKline and Uppsala University, are joining forces in a 6 year programme supported by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) to develop novel antibiotics against Gram-negative pathogens in a project called ENABLE (European Gram-Negative Antibacterial Engine), including open calls for candidates outside the consortium. More

06.01.2014 - December saw the launch of recommendations for enabling MSc graduates to develop effectively for industrial partnerships and careers.

Following a 2 year Erasmus project, 4 key recommendations were produced, including i) creation of an Industry Education Board at EU level ii) Classification of MSc courses in Europe iii) Creation of EU level MSc alumni and iv) Enhancing industry access for placements.  EBN will be part of a team driving implementation in 2014 and full recommendations can be downloaded at www.ecatcub.eu.

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