14.12.2015 -

14.12.2015 - EBN hosts a joint anti-infectives webinar for the ENABLE and CO-ADD anti-infective projects

EBN, as the dissemination partner within the €85 million IMI-funded ENABLE project, hosted a joint webinar with the Wellcome Trust-funded CO-ADD project. The two projects are well aligned to provide funding and support for the discovery and development of novel anti-infectives; CO-ADD provides a free screening service for academic groups world-wide to determine anti-microbial properties in compounds, while the ENABLE project funds and collaboratively develops high potential programmes against Gram negative pathogens through to Phase I clinical trials.
The two projects will work in partnership to ensure that novel anti-infective programmes are supported through to the clinic.

19.10.2015 - EBN engages in EU-South Africa policy dialogue

EBN was fortunate to travel to Pretoria as part of EU-SA policy dialogue. The 3 day workshop brought together European experts in technology development and SME support and South African agencies and universities driving development.
EBN presented on European innovation strategies and SME support, building on the experiences of our members, particularly universities seeking to exploit advanced technologies and SMEs looking to create strong growth through partnerships. Europe is able to share many of its lessons learned from varying funding programmes to support SME development and can work closely with South Africa in accelerated SME growth plus partnerships in critical technology areas and shared social priorities.

13.10.2015 - EBN joins obesity round table discussion in Brussels

EBN participated in the EASO (European Association for the Study of Obesity) Roundtable discussion on obesity and related diseases, together with a diverse group of actors, including pharma, policy makers, MEPs, clinicians and patient groups. The discussion, which is part of a longer term dialogue around European Obesity Day in May 2016, aims to defragment the landscape around obesity prevention, diagnosis and management. EASO is a Corporate Member and Strategic Partner of EBN and EBN works to support all aspects of EASO operation.

10.09.2015 - Early stage funding under the spotlight in Stockholm

EBN had the good fortune to Chair the session “Early stage financing” at the successful NLSDays conference hosted in Stockholm. The session brought in Vinnova, with its very successful national funding programmes for SMEs, looking at how public funds are increasingly targeted in business ventures before moving to a global scale with a fascinating insight into a new PPP in Canada, the Neomed Institute. Speaker Max Fehlmann described how the Institute, with public funds and pharma partners and a state of the art facility, invests in projects from across the globe with the intention to build and realise value from promising early stage research.

29.05.2015 - Bringing together anti-infective researchers in Copenhagen

EBN was pleased to organise the first annual meeting for the Innovative Medicines Initiative Project ENABLE. EBN has responsibility for communications and managing the open call process for this €85 million, 6 year project which aims to develop novel gram negative anti-infective programmes to the clinic. Almost 80 researchers and experts in gram negative anti-infective development came together for the 2 day meeting, presenting the 5 programmes currently active in the project and planning for many more. The ENABLE project hosts open calls several times per year for external European SMEs and research groups to submit their gram negative anti-infective programmes for integration into the 30+ partner consortium.

06.05.2015 - Looking across the pond for biotechnology funding

EBN Corporate Members heard from FreeMind speaker Ayal Ronan on the potential for US funding for EU organisations in this dedicated webinar. FreeMind reviewed the major US funding agencies and how European organisations from industry and academia can access direct funds through application alone or in partnership with other organisations, creating an excellent opportunity to use US funding sources to build partnerships. The slides from the webinar are available for download here and the webinar is part of the spring/summer series that will also focus on IPO as a funding source for biotech, latest opportunities in H2020 and trends in bioeconomy research and commercialisation.

05.03.2015 - Bringing the biotechnology sector into the classroom

EBN was honoured to travel to Glenalmond College in Scotland to give a lecture to the William Bright Society, which encourages academically gifted pupils to develop their sense of intellectual curiosity beyond the classroom. Biotechnology offers the perfect example of the application of science, and the lecture covered as many aspects of the drug discovery and development process as possible in 1 hour, with the underlying technologies, regulatory and business drivers for decision making behind science.

02.03.2015 - Professional development for biotech SMEs under the spotlight

EBN completed an SME questionnaire on how companies use external training and presented the results at the Brussels workshop of the Innovative Medicines Initiative project EMTRAIN (European Medicines Research Training Network). The questionnaire results highlighted the challenge that SMEs have in the identification of, and access to, high quality training for staff at all stages of their career and helped to guide the LifeTrain initiative within EMTRAIN to plan for future support of SME career development activities.

27.02.2015 - Natural products and IP - from discovery to product

EBN was fortunate to chair the 8th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences for an excellent day of learning and discussion for all. The day included fascinating insights into the legal requirements of collecting samples and working with local communities, changing IP in the US that tends to drive business viability and the impact of the upcoming Nagoya Protocol, due for implementation in Europe. This was underpinned by the science from Europe's biotech sector - from 'old school' natural product development through to highly innovative metabolic pathway engineering and fermentation, which produces the same natural product but from a pathway created from numerous genetic sources.

03.02.2015 - EBN hosts investment & pharma partnering panels at Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-BusinessSeminar

The beginning of February saw EBN in action hosting 2 panels at the Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar in Zurich. This high quality SME-pharma forum brought together 160 SMEs, investors and pharma from across Europe to discuss how to progress science and business, before some serious one 2 one meetings hopefully sealed plenty of deals.

31.01.2015 - Publication of the 5th European Biotechnology Science & Industry Guide 2015

January marked the publication of the new European Biotechnology Guide, published by EBN’s media partner BIOCOM AG. EBN Corporate Members featured throughout the guide, showcasing the diversity and performance of Corporate Members from across the biotechnology spectrum.

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