27.07.2016 -

EBN contributes to High-Level Consultation Event “Revising Principles of Evidence-Based Policy Versus Policy-Biased Evidence” at the Euroscience Open Forum, Manchester.

EBN had the pleasure to be part of a global group of scientific experts that is developing a set of fifteen key principles first established by twenty-seven eminent European, African and American-based thought leaders in June, 2012, under the leadership of Chief Science Advisers Dame Anne Glover and Prof. Patrick Cunningham.
The process is part of a response to 2015 World Science Forum Budapest Declaration, which calls for “The need to define the principles, processes and application of science advice and to address the theoretical and practical questions regarding the independence, transparency, visibility and accountability of those who receive and provide advice has never been more important…………We call for concerted action of scientists and policy-makers to define and promulgate universal principles for developing and communicating science to inform and evaluate policy based on responsibility, integrity, independence, and accountability.”

08.06.2016 - EBN co-hosts ‘Innovation in AMR’ and global funders panel at BIO San Francisco
The BIO Convention was a showcase for EBN’s work within anti-infectives through the IMI ENABLE project. The €85 million project has the aim to develop novel programmes against gram negative pathogens, using open calls to identify high potential candidates.
Innovation in AMR
Together with IMI and the Wellcome trust-funded CO-ADD project (free compound library screening), we hosted a dedicated workshop at BIO to showcase novel anti-infective companies from across the globe, with an expert panel and the audience selecting the best presentations.
You can see slides from all the presenting companies at the workshop here and am very happy to report that EBN Corporate Member Bioversys (CH) won the expert panel vote, while the highly novel EpiBiome (US) won the audience vote.
With over 200 delegates from 22 countries, the workshop was a hub for anti-infective players world-wide and EBN looks forward to building on the momentum to continue the successful efforts of ENABLE.
Aligning global AMR efforts
Following up the successful workshop, EBN also brought together a heavyweight discussion panel at BIO, to discuss how global actors need to align and work together to effectively address all aspects of AMR. Pierre Meulien (Innovative Medicines Initiative), Joe Larson (BARDA), Edward Cox (FDA) and Chair Allan Coukell (Pew) joined together to debate how key organisations need to plan and work together, from early stage discovery through to joined up global clinical trials and commercialisation. You can also see all their slides on the same ENABLE page here.

17.05.2016 - Marie Curie RISE projects in the Funding Hub spotlight

Corporate Member University of Nottingham led a webinar for EBN Corporate members and EBE members on the use of Marie Curie RISE projects as a useful tool to build industry relationships. The RISE (research and innovation staff exchange) projects allow expert university departments to partner with SMEs around specific projects, where staff from both sides of an exchanges transfer knowledge – the SMEs gain insight into the latest innovative science (essential to stay ahead in the innovation game) and universities get to understand how their science is integrated into industry development.
The Nottingham RISE project uses its outstanding School of Pharmacy (Biophysics and surface analysis), with particular focus on advances in formulations and brought together three SMEs (Abiel, Hy2Care and Inovapotek) who will each exchange staff with Nottingham on research into formulation that suits their own development priorities.
The webinar looked at the structure of the RISE mechanism, examples of projects in action and Nottingham’s experience in building the consortium and structuring the project. RISE would suit smaller research departments or researchers early in their international grant career as the proposals are shorter and projects less substantial than many of the more demanding EU programmes.

25.04.2016 - Fast Track to Innovation and other SME support tools in the Funding Hub spotlight

The EBN Funding Hub brought Corporate Members plus members of strategic partner, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises to focus on SME funding tools, including Fast Track to Innovation, SME Instrument and Eurostars.
SMEs can use these programmes in novel ways, not only to work with other SMEs but also to engage large companies in validating technologies and maturing programmes with plenty of exposure to end users and late stage partners. These programmes also seem to be of interest to large organisations, with some of FTI grants having very active non-SME involvement as partners.

12.02.2016 - EBN chairs 9th Berlin Conference on IP in Life Sciences – Digital Health

EBN was delighted to chair an extremely interesting and informative day on the transformative power of digital health and the myriad technologies and sectors that come together for its delivery. We heard from clinical sectors at the forefront of delivery to patients right through to the completely new actors within the sector, such as car manufacturers and other companies that impact our daily lives and who are now moving into health applications.
The rapid expansion in diversity of scientific, cultural, business and investment worlds that come together within digital health are a fascinating shift for a sector that already evolves rapidly and we all had plenty to learn in a busy day.

10.02.2016 - EBN chairs investment panel at 10th Swiss-Scandinavian Bio-Business Seminar

Always at the heart of the matter (money and partnerships for biotech), EBN chaired a (hopefully) entertaining and informative panel, with participants from Roche, Seventure Partners, Novo Nordisk, Healthcap and Biognosys. The panel covered topics old and new, including aligning thinking between SMEs and pharma, promising future areas for development, ingredients for a successful partnership and how to differentiate yourself.

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