About us

The primary goal of the European Biotechnology Network is to support cooperations in the fields of biotechnology and other life sciences, primarily between the 27 member states of the European Union, Norway, United Kingdom and Switzerland. Biotech professionals from science and research, academia, industry, organisations or state agencies and authorities are invited to become involved in the network and make use of the services it provides.

As a rule, technological advances have added momentum to the trend towards globalisation. With biotechnology, the insights and steady progress in understanding basic biological processes is providing the life sciences with even more of a tailwind. In many places, the ‘biologisation’ of industry is proceeding apace.

Even so, our science, research and industry have yet to make sufficient use of the advantages provided by a common market in “Europe” when these could be helping to drive faster technology transfer and a more flexible labour market. Professional collaboration and realisation of European synergies, however, can only be established if potential partners are aware of one another. In a multicultural, multilingual Europe, we have to continue to improve on how we communicate and disseminate information.

That is exactly what we aim to do at the European Biotechnology Network. We see it as our task to facilitate international cooperation in the fields of biotechnology and the life sciences in the European sphere. In the long run, this will improve, accelerate and increase the use of advances in science and research – especially in the areas of medicine and environmental protection – as they make the transition from the lab to general use.