The Biospheria Project

CO2 compensation is sometimes considered a new form of medieval selling of indulgences. We say: so what? As long as mankind does not succeed in changing its habits and living climate neutrally, CO2 compensation is better than nothing. Our Biospheria project promotes climate-relevant activities within our limited financial resources. But it is better to take small steps than to stand still.

Of course, we would prefer to actively participate in the realisation of a large biotechnological project on climate protection. We are always open to suggestions from our members. In the meantime, we will plant trees. Not anywhere in the world, but in Europe.

Do you know biotech consumer products on the market? Please give us a hint.

Biospheria Project No 1

Our forest, a CO2 sink

Our Biospheria Project No. 1 is a classic CO2 sink, namely forest. It is located about 100 meters above sea level and is crossed by the European long-distance hiking trail E10, which will at some point lead from the north of Finland to the south of Spain. In Central Europe, it runs from the German island of Rügen to Bolzano in northern Italy.

We have removed a former pine wood plantation from management and are accompanying the forest on its transformation into a natural, sustainable mixed wood land. Careful interventions such as the cutting of small clearings should support and accelerate this natural process. However, it is important that the forest is permanently protected and that the CO2 bound here remains on site as part of natural regeneration.