Seed financing for Cellugy A/S

Danish industrial biotechnology startup Cellugy raises €4,9m with the ambition to replace petrochemicals in personal care products.<br /><br /><br />

Obesity: Roche with first clinical data after US$2.7bn deal

Obesity candidate CT-388, which Genentech added to Roche's pipeline with the acquisition of Carmot Therapeutics, is at least not a disappointment, according to new trial data.<br /><br />

First dog snack from microbial protein

German-Portuguese biotech start-up MicroHarvest GmbH and a Munich-based pet food manufacturer want to launch the first dog snack made by single cell protein.<br /><br /><br />

AC Immune and Takeda ink US$2.1bn biobucks deal

AC Immune and Takeda have inked an exclusive option license agreement for ACI-24.060, a first-in-class active immunotherapy designed to delay or slow Alzheimer’s disease progression. <ul><li></li></ul>

Memo Therapeutics AG increases Series C financing to CHF45m

Swiss antibody specialist Memo Therapeutics AG has added CHF20m to&nbsp; its Series C financing, bringing the total amount raised in the funding round to CHF 45 million. <br /><br />

Full house at European Cluster Conference

More than 900 experts from clusters and the EU Commission discussed at the sold-out 9<sup>th</sup> European Cluster Conference what cluster policy is needed to make Europe a world leader in […]

Danish 21st.BIO A/S opens multipurpose production plant

Danish CDMO 21st.BIO A/S has unveiled a new pilot plant facility to accelerate scaling of biotech processes ranging from food and beverages, agriculture, biomaterials, and biopharma. <br />&nbsp;&nbsp; <br /><br […]